Update for stock count

The issue with the stock count showing unitwise breakdown products has now been resolved in version 33-1. Some fixes to the csv member import are also in this version.

Update to return screen after unitwise

An update has been made to return the screen back to the previous sales screen after a unit is selected. Version 1-5-5-29 This also fixes the bug where some unitwise products wouldnt delete correctly.

Waitara DSCC Installed

Four Bar Point Of Sale Terminals and a Back Office is now installed at Waitara District Services and Citizens Club. Waitara is using full club member facilities with a loyalty points system for purchases made, and a discounted member price level. QR code scanners are installed at every POS terminal so members can easily scan… Continue reading Waitara DSCC Installed

Import and export member csv files

Ability to export and import full member details using csv files has now been added to ClubPOS in the latest release. Please contact Leigh at Clubs NZ Head Office if you would like to upgrade and enable this feature. leigh@clubsnz.com

Eftpos Link Added To ClubPOS

The eftpos link integration to ClubPOS has been completed. The ClubPOS Point Of Sale System is now compatible with the following eftpos terminals, and any future terminals using the VX-Link over IP protocols. VX520c VX820 Duet VX680 Wi-Fi V240m V210m V205c V200T Please contact leigh@clubsnz.com for more information